Web Sales Assistant

Web Sales Assistant is a program with web based marketers or web masters in mind. It will replace the image links and up to ten text strings in a web page automatically with the click of one button. WITH NO HTML KNOWLEDGE NEEDED. Web Masters need to make a small change to several pages this is the product for you.

Program Features

  • Customize image locations
  • Modify up to Ten strings of text within your sales pages.
  • Update multiple sales pages simultaneously
  • Create templates for each affiliate sales program
  • Create transportable sales pages
In the past web page modification that would have taken you hours to do, will only take seconds.
Typical uses for Web Sales Assistant:

Replace text strings such as <your link here>
Replace text strings such as <your site here>
Replace dates and times (etc...)
Change dates or times

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Price to Buy $12.95 (Download Only)
Add $4.00 for CD Copy

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Key Program Features Overview:

  • Update Wweb pages
  • No HTML needed 
  • Change ten text strings
  • Replace the image links
  • Pre-tournament entry
  • Multiple charts
  • Print chart information
  • Charts with custom name
  • Championship bracket
  • Drivers License
  • Check-in Sheet
  • Judge Guidelines(Design)
  • Volunteer Sheet
  • Heat Data Recovery

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