Our focus is building software solutions while building the Kingdom Of God by spreading the Words of Jesus Christ

We are a company founded on biblical principles dedicated to building useful, reliable, and affordable custom and non-custom software solutions.

About Our Products

Tournament Chart Maker

    If you ever had the need for a software application to make you life simpler, but could not find one to fit your needs or found it was too expensive.

    You've come to the right place. BRHsolutions is your answer for affordable custom and non-custom software applications. We have several pricing options for custom applications: (Prices can vary depending on the product need deadline.)

    We have an array of pre-build software applications

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    We have built applications for Pinewood Derbies, Web Sales, Test/Study Guides, and many others.

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Helping you connect the pieces for your success

Helping you connect the pieces for your success

Our products are being used by and helping the following types of people/organizations

  • Home Schools
  • Religious Organizations
  • Children's Organizations
  • Clubs or other Small Organizations
  • Small Internet Businesses
  • Individuals
  • And more

Our tournament chart maker software program has helped many events all over the United States.